• 2 Step EZ Boat Opener

    Use the 2 step easy boat opener to assist with opening the boat while you install the seats. Place your hand in the hand grip area of the opener while you place the hook end on to the gunnel tube near the oar lock socket. With the other hand grasp the other side of the hull by the gunnel tube and pull back towards you just enough to secure the hook section in the middle of the opener on the other gunnel near the oar lock socket. While on the outside of the boat, regrip the hull by the same gunnel tube and the opener with the other hand and spread the boat just enough to secure the third hook on to the gunnel. You are now ready to install the middle seat. See instructions for seat and transom installation.
  • Bow Cap

    These bow caps consist of 2 pieces. Bow Cover and Bow Cap. The bow cover is made of black Vinyl material that fits over the front of the hull and covers the ends of the tubes. The Bow Cap/Nose Piece is made of black ABS and attaches to the bow cover. They then attach to the hull with a Shock Cord/Bungee Cord which hooks into the grommets located in the hull of the boat. While this adds a nice finished look to the boat it also helps to keep the boat nice and dry.
  • Bench Seats

    Choose front, center, or rear seat. Each is made of durable ABS plastics. The center of the seats are filled with styrofoam for added flotation. The seat supports are made from Stainless Steel rods and slip into seat support brackets underneath the seats where they can be adjusted for proper fit by locating the rods into the appropriate holes.