• Deluxe Oars & Locks

    Comes with a beautiful finish, comfortable handle grips, sturdy 8" wide paddles and 78" long aluminum oars will make rowing easy. The oars come apart with the push of a button for easy compact storage. END OF YEAR SALE — FREE PAIR OF OARS & LOCKS WITH A PURCHASE OF A NEW PORTABOTE!
  • Back Saver Folding Seat

    Relax comfortably in this ergonomic folding chair while you enjoy your time out on the lake fishing, sightseeing, or just getting away for a day. The folding chair attaches easily to any bench in your boat with just one rod and one wing nut. Mount them facing front, back or sideways you'll always have a perfectly comfortable view of the outdoors. It just doesn't get any better than that. Order 2 Seats and the 2nd one is $50 OFF!
  • Porta-Dolly ™

    These sturdy dollys come with large wheels for easy maneuvering of your boat to and from the water's edge. The dolly simply attaches to the side of your boat in just seconds. Just hook the bottom dolly underneath the lower tube, slip the upper dolly up and over the gunnel tube, press down for a tight fit, tighten the 2 wing nuts, load up your gear and you're ready to roll your boat down to the water's edge and off you go for a day on the lake.
  • Porta-Sunshade (Bimini Top)

    Built specifically for Porta-Bote. The sunshade attaches easily to the gunnels of your boat. This large sunshade provides ample protection from the heat and rays of the sun. Adjust canopy back and forth as needed will keep you comfortable and relaxed in the shade. Sunshade folds flat when in use for easy storage.
  • Porta Boarding Ladder

    Climb in and out of your boat with this unique boarding ladder. Mounts easily to the bow of your boat. The ladder folds up in the front of the boat when not in use. To use simply lift the ladder up and over the bow and lower into the water for a swim, scuba, or snorkeling. Not Recommended for 8 ft. Boats. on sale -- only while supplies last!
  • Pair RV Mounts

    These Galvanized Steel RV brackets mount to the side of your RV, Van, or Trailer for easy out of the way hauling. Slip the bow of your boat into the smaller bracket and latch the stern of your boat to the large end of your bracket where you can attach a padlock for security. Mounting hardware not included. Must be mounted to the studs or framework of the vehicle.
  • Bow Trolling Mount

    This Bow Trolling Mount attaches firmly to the bow of your boat. Secured with 2 bolts and wing nuts you can attach your electric motor to this trolling mount for smooth easy maneuvering to your favorite fishing spot.
  • Carry All Bag

    The latest in our line of accessories. Pack up to 4 bench seats, a Pair of Oars, plus your boat opener or whatever you choose to carry. The Carry All Tote Bag comes with velcro straps on each end to secure your items, a double handle with cushioned hand wrap for comfort. It makes carrying or storage easy and convenient. Just pack it, grab it and go. It's so convenient you will be glad you have it.