Folds Flat in Seconds!
Over 200,000 Porta-Botes Sold!

Your Passport for Fun and Adventure

    The Porta-Bote enables access to lakes and rivers where shore access is difficult. Overall the Porta-Bote provides just the right balance of portability, fishability, and excellent design.

    Southern Fishing & Boating

The Unique Folding Porta-Bote is Made in the U.S.A. and Includes a 10-Year Limited Hull Warranty

Never needs painting, incredibly durable and it is maintenance free! Porta-Bote is constructed of a High-Impact Polypropylene-Copolymer, a remarkable hard, engineered resin originally developed for use in the aerospace field. This amazing material is resistant to sharp rocks and collisions – impervious to sand, salt and acid. Nothing affects the molded-in color and finish!

Now, you can own the one boat that offers even better portability than an inflatable… with non of the disadvantages! It has a time-proven hull that matches the performance of an aluminum boat at less than half the weight. Join over 200,000 satisfied Porta-Bote owners worldwide, who are enjoying the “instant fun” that only Porta-Bote provides.

* this boat complies with U.S. Coast Guard safety standards in effect on the date of certification. NMMA Certified.

Guinness World Record

Porta-Bote was chosen by the British Royal Airforce Climbing and Rescue Team to be used in their record setting climb up Mt. Everest. At 20,000 feet (6,150 meters) above the clouds, they wanted to cross a glacial lake. Only Porta-Bote was able to pass their stringent test. Inflatables could be punctured. Ordinary craft were too heavy to carry up the side of Everest. This adventure allowed Porta-Bote to become the first and only boat in the world to be "sailed" on a lake above 20,000 feet - a new historic altitude boating record.

Japan Tsunami Rescue Team

The Japan Tsunami Rescue Team uses Porta-Bote to save lives! Japan's Coast Guard put Porta-Bote's "Flexi-Hull" through an almost unbelievable test to certify the strength of the patented polypropylene hinges. A production model was loaded with over 600 pounds (272 kg) of concrete weights. The craft was raised 20 feet (6 m) above the water and dropped! Porta-Bote passed with flying colors and now being marketed in Japan.

Australian Rescue Services

Porta-Bote is being used to access "impossible" waterways surrounded by high mountains in Australia - an inflatable would have easily been punctured, and an ordinary aluminum or fiberglass boat would be too heavy. Porta-Bote is also used by other military and rescue groups for similar applications where nothing else will do!

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